2017 Conference!

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. 1 John 4:7

It's 2017 and this year it is a very short trip with a very targeted purpose. To present at the Minister's Equipping Conference. Our focus: Souls in Our Care, Connecting Counseling and Pastoring.

As always your prayers and comments are definitely coveted and encouraged!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

First week has passed...grateful for His peace, classes,  opportunities to counsel, friendships and fun!


  1. Happy to know all is well.
    Sending love.


  2. We hope all of your classes are going great! It sounds like you got some snorkeling in..cool!! Chuck is going to play bass this Wednesday and we will leave an empty place where you normally rock out! See you in a while...
    Dave and Amy

  3. Hi Jo! Thanks for sharing the photos and short film.The singing is beautiful! I miss you Jo! Time is flying by here. The pace on the island sounds heavenly to me. Have a great week! Love and hugs, Janice

  4. Hey thanks for the comments Dave, Amy and Janice....miss all of you as well!!

  5. Nice video! kind of wish I was there. Glad you are feeling better and enjoying the island lifestyle. will try to do some writing this week if possible! Miss you! Love you!
    from Mary who does not understand how to select profile except anonymous!

  6. You would love it here, Mary! You could never be anonymous, Mar!! Love you back! Jo

  7. So glad all is going great! What a blessing you are to them, and I'm sure it is such a blessing to you to! Have a wonderful, productive time and glad to see you got some snorkeling in. Can't be on that beautiful island without enjoying God's creation! - Terri Buller :)

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