2017 Conference!

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. 1 John 4:7

It's 2017 and this year it is a very short trip with a very targeted purpose. To present at the Minister's Equipping Conference. Our focus: Souls in Our Care, Connecting Counseling and Pastoring.

As always your prayers and comments are definitely coveted and encouraged!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Heading Home....

  My last night here in Guam.  The week ended sweetly.  Prep work got done, small sessions with each of the students for skills practice were completed;  Sam and I finalized the proposed brochure for the counseling program. Friday's chapel was a sweet time of music, readings and prayer.  We prayed for PIU, the wider community and the world;  and prayed for one another.  My heart overflowed   as a student came to pray for me when it was time to focus on faculty.  Our last  Saturday class was packed and it was gratifying to see how far the students had come. 
     I managed to eek out some time to spend with Reyna going over some Red Cross things on Friday; great to have another connection here on island.    One of the most delightful highlights of the week came when 4 year old Serenity caught up with me on the way back to my desk from chapel.   She snaked her little hand in mine and announced "my daddy said I could go with you to Wendy's".  What a character that kid is!  We went, of course! 
   That is a precious quality of this campus --children of staff and faculty wander around in the safe circle of this unique community.  The sounds of their laughter and playing is often a backdrop for other more serious activities.  Business gets done, but business is only one thread in the fabric of this PIU tapestry.
     I spent some connect time with friend Robin -- dinner at Mr. Kabab's and a long walk in Tumon.   Got one last snorkel in at Gun beach with Joyce.....both of us screaming and dodging the trigger fish that came straight at our masks!!  Tonight we enjoyed dinner out and chilled,  as Dave headed off to the first night of the Board activities. 
    When I get back I'll be able to upload photos of the last days including a group shot of the class.  I have a perpetual grin at the moment,  such blessings.  Thank you all for your prayer and support!!

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