2017 Conference!

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. 1 John 4:7

It's 2017 and this year it is a very short trip with a very targeted purpose. To present at the Minister's Equipping Conference. Our focus: Souls in Our Care, Connecting Counseling and Pastoring.

As always your prayers and comments are definitely coveted and encouraged!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Borrowed Eyes

     This is my fifth visit here since 2009.  Each time I am struck by the peace that I experience.  I contemplate that peace often, both here and back in the states.  Internally I feel closer to God,  at peace with whatever circumstances come, and generally grateful each and every day.  After one of the earlier trips, a wise friend and mentor, whom I deeply respect, asked me:  "why doesn't that stay with you, when you come back?"  I've pondered and pondered that question, and have yet to uncover the fullness of an answer.       I know that the closeness to Him is the major piece.  I also suspect that clearly understanding my purpose  is to serve here helps reinforce what He is trying to do with this raw glob of clay that I call my life.  Pray for continued pliability, Jo.
    The two classes ended yesterday.   As the students voiced their appreciation of our time and of what they learned, inside I knew that their gracious words reflected my own truth of how grateful I am for what they taught me.  Each time,  I learn as I teach.  I am profoundly enriched by the amazing perspective of each individual -- of how they sincerely and openly grapple with concepts that are new to them on so many levels. 
     What a gift it is to be allowed to borrow the eyes of another, even for just a fleeting moment.
     This week we celebrate the Ruby/Silver Anniversary of PIU and upcoming PIU days.....this too will bless, I am certain of it.


  1. I have had a similar experience when on a mission trip. While I was there, I felt I was more focused on God's plan for my life than on my plan for my life. Back home are more choices and distractions and more responsibilities,The road less traveled becomes the road that I travel so often it looses its meaning. Definitely should do my writing on "road" this week and find out where these thoughts go..... Enjoy your celebrations and be blessed! You bless me with your kindness and laughter many many times! May the peace of God be with you wherever you travel. Love you!

  2. Mary, you so touch my heart and encourage me both here and at home....I think that is something God gives us ....just the right people to walk beside us in each season of life!!